PS3 Firmware 4.40 the cause of freezing issues, controller problems and broken consoles?

The mandatory PlayStation 3 Firmware update 4.40, which was deployed on March 21, 2013, apparently fixed some stability issues but PSU readers and members of the official PlayStation forums are complaining that it has had the reverse affect and their console hasn’t been the same since.

The main issue appears to be with the PS3 freezing during updates, installs and while playing games. The issue was flagged to PSU by readers who have been unhappy with the lack of information online about the alleged issues, as well as Sony’s tech team telling them it must be hardware related.

Of course, Sony may be right and the issues could have nothing to do with the update, but it seems unusual that there are so many common complaints since 4.40 landed. Though we were alerted to the problem by PSU readers, the issues don’t appear to be isolated. In fact, a quick search on Google has discovered numerous complaints from PS3 owners since Firmware 4.40 landed.

“My ps3 will not update games and crashes at around 75% updated,” writes Arsenal4life9 on the official E.U. forums, while Dave UK 71 posts “Been on google and found out a lot of people are experiencing the same problems since installing the latest update 4.40. I had NO problems before this update was installed but since then its been nothing but a nightmare. My games are taking forever to install, when they final load they keep freezing on me. Some games aint even working at all. Then keep getting message to say corrupt file needs to restore. Follow the instructions and problems still continue. Cant even get on to Home as this wont even load.”

While freezing appears to be the most common issue, others have different complaints which they are blaming on the update. On the PSU forums, AaronSoldier writes “Seems it’s created a few problems for the controller, since updating my controller hasn’t synced with the system when I’ve first switched it on, I had to hold the PS button till it turned off then turn it back on again.”

On the official PlayStation tech forums, complaints range from the inability to watch movies via Blu-Ray anymore to HDMI problems causing user displays to show up a blank screen instead of the XMB. A PSU staff member has also experienced this issue which coincided with the update.

The problem doesn’t seem to be restricted to one territory either as we’ve received reports from U.K., European and U.S. based PS3 owners with issues since the update. Sony has yet to comment on the issue, which could be totally unrelated to the update, but PSU has reached out to ask for a response to our readers.

Earlier today, we reported that the PSN will be down for scheduled maintenance next week. Could this be to rectify all the problems?

Have you had a problem since the 4.40 Firmware update? If so, let us know. Anyone get a feeling we’ve been here before? There were similar problems associated with the 4.25 update.

Note – There are plenty of people who are also reporting no problems since the update.