PS3 Mafia II DLC free for first-time buyers

2K has revealed that punters will be able to gain access to the PS3-exclusive Mafia II downloadable content free of charge, with the mission pack being included free for first time buyers of the game.

Those who purchase the mobster sequel second hand will have to fork out for the DLC via the PlayStation Store, where it will retail for approximately $9.99 USD.

For those unaware, the mission pack – entitled The Betrayal of Jimmy – has gamers assuming control of a mafia enforcer tasked with completing a series of arcade-style missions, where players can earn reward points for their shooting and driving skills. You’ll then be able to compare your scores via the online leaderboard system.

A second DLC pack by the name of Jimmy’s Vendetta is currently in the works and will be available for all versions of the game, namely PS3, 360 and PC.