PS3 Pick’N’Mix available in the UK

Coming Friday, January 18th, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe will be releasing a new bundle in stride to push the console further into the success zone.

With a hip name of “Pick N Mix” (Atleast Sony believes it to be hip), the new bundle will include the 40GB PS3 alone with a choice of two first party titles. The price will be set at £349.99 which is a bargain considering that the base price for the 40GB console by itself is £299.99, with the “Pick N Mix” bundle you get two first party PS3 titles for only 50 extra euro.

The list of available first party titles to chose from includes:
– Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
– Formula One
– L.A.I.R.
– Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
– Singstar (With microphone)
– Motorstorm
– Resistance: Fall of Man
– Folklore
– Warhawk (With headset)
– Genji: Days of the Blade

There are no details to how long this bundle will last. So if you are without a PS3, you might want to jump on this deal.