PS3 processing power to be explored by IT|Redux

New ways to utilize the PlayStation 3 console for processing power will be discussed in an upcoming presentation by IT|Redux.

The company announced it would showcase ways to use the system as a powerful computing device during an "Office 2.0" Conference in San Francisco, CA on September 5-7, 2007.

The processing support that PS3 could offer was detailed further, with senior manager of the Web Portal for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Oliver Marks, commenting: “Installing Linux and Firefox on the PS3 enables Sony customers to not only enjoy games and entertainment in the living room but also take advantage of some of the Web browser-based office productivity applications available online today."

Marks further added: “The Office 2.0 conference is a great opportunity for Sony to showcase the PS3 system’s computing power and productivity capabilities.”

To date, the PS3’s process powering has been used for a number of endeavours including aiding in various scientific calculations, as seen in Sony’s [email protected] initiative for Stanford University.

Stay tuned for more developments as they break.