PS3 Starter Pack to be discontinued in Australia

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 Starter Pack will only be available to consumers in Australian territories until the end of this month, with the company announcing the bundle deal is due to “end on August 31 (or earlier, while stocks last)".

The news comes following a marketing email that the company sent out to members of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s official website. No details were revealed as to why the decision was made to cancel the bundle, and it is currently unknown whether or not the firm has any plans to issue a similar deal at a later date.

Despite this, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed there are no plans to pursue this action in other PAL territories, telling "there is absolutely no time limit on that offer in Europe."

The Starter Pack went on sale in Australia on August 2nd, and includes two first party titles, a 60GB PS3 console and two sixaxis controllers for AUD 999.99.

A somewhat surprising (and premature) decision on Sony’s part to deny Ozzy consumers a slice of the bundle pie, but could there be more to this? Perhaps the company is planning on releasing a new SKU in the region, likeable to that of the 80GB model which is due to go on sale in North America next week? Or possibly a new bundle? Stay tuned for more updates as they break.