PS3 update 4.25 sparks complaints – have you had problems ever since?

The recent PS3 update v4.25 has apparently caused a host of issues among some users, including problems with internet connectivity. The forums over at the official PlayStation website currently has a number of complaints from PS3 owners that span a variety of issues.

The main feature of the PS3 4.25 update was the increase of PlayStation Cloud storage from 150 megabytes to a full gigabyte, but it looks like some users may have got much more than they bargained for.

One poster by the name of Cannon Fodder claims that his controllers haven’t worked since the update and he’s only been able to turn off the console by unplugging it completely.

JJCHAOS28 writes: “I have a 320gb slim model and ever since the update my PS3 won’t even read my games. It plays my CD’s, DVD’s, let’s me on the internet & let’s me sign in but IT DOESN’T EVEN READ MY GAMES! What’s going on? Did the update break my PS3?

inwaytoodeep0690 claims: “i have 2 slim models in my home one for me and one for my son . i updated from whatever version to 4.25 on both now i cant connect or stay connected to playstation network or play games online.”

Not all users have been affected as some forum posters say they’ve had no problems at all since the update, but there’s clearly an issue with some consoles as the complaints span over nine pages.

We’ve asked Sony to respond so we’ll keep you updated and hopefully they’ll be fix for some of the problems shortly. Let us know if you’ve had any issues.