PS3’s achievement system to surpass XBL’s

Sony now understands the importance of online gaming to the consumer. Online gaming drives the gamers’ experience beyond the core value of the game to higher goals, thus, creating replay-value. This is why Sony is creating an innovative Home system which will push industry standards for online interactivity. What Sony has not mastered yet is an “achievements system” similar to the one available for Xbox 360 users in which gamers are awarded points for task completed in a game online or offline. Sony’s Eric Lempel believes that they have the perfect ingredient to surpass Microsoft’s achievement system in every way.

"I recognise that there are a few features that PS3 users have asked for that we haven’t delivered yet. We have a lot of features in different stages of development that I think our users will be very excited about,"

"I know that an achievement system is very important to our consumers. With Home, and in addition to Home, we have some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers’ gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score.

Howard Stringer, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe CEO explains, "2008 will be a big year in many ways for PlayStation Network."

Perhaps the Game Developers Conference next month in San Francisco will be a haven for new information regarding this and of course, PSU will have you fully covered.