PS4 1TB model rumoured to launch in Q4 2014

PS4daily claims it has the scoop that Sony Computer Entertainment is poised to launch a new 1TB PS4 model (CUH-1001X) this Autumn.

Citing a retail source, the website claims that the new PS4 sports a 1TB hard drive and is likely part “of a new bundle”. If it’s true, it means we could see the official announcement of the new SKU during Sony’s Gamescom presentation next week.

Space has certainly been an issue with the current 500GB models, especially considering the PS4 is used to store all kinds of media and not just videogames. In fact, with the OS and other functions taking up room, that 500GB actually surmounts to around 400GB of available space.

The PS3 launched with various hardware models allowing up to 80GB of storage space before further SKUS were introduced with larger hard drives, right up to the Super Slim with 500GB of space. So, a PSU SKU with a larger drive is certainly going to be appear at some point.

For now though, take this with a hefty pinch of salt until we hear otherwise.