PS4 8GB DDR RAM excites Oddworld dev, says 172GB/s is amazing

Oddworld developer Just Add Water is the latest studio to speak out about the joys of working with the PlayStation 4.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, development director Stewart Gilray emphasised that the 8GB GDDR5 RAM which helps power PS4 has aided the development process.

"It means we don’t have to worry so much about stuff, the fact that the memory operates at around 172GB/s is amazing, so we can swap stuff in and our as fast as we can without it really causing us much grief,” said Gilray.

"It also means we can do a lot of lead development on high end PC’s without having to worry overly about RAM limitations or graphics features our target platform DOESN’T have. Granted we are working on other platforms that do have those restrictions but the Unity Engine has helped minimize those."

The developer said that it hasn’t yet started to look at ways to implement the DualShock 4’s touchpad into the PS4 version of its latest game Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty just yet but plans to release the title on Sony’s next-gen platform in 2014.