PS4 and Xbox One power is ‘fantastic,’ says EA

Developers are only just starting to harness the power of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One two years on from their release, Blake Jorgensen, the Chief Financial Officer for Electronic Arts has said.

Speaking at the UBS Global Tech Conference (via Examiner), Jorgensen spoke of how Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles have sold far beyond expectations, and described the raw horsepower of both machines as ‘fantastic.’

"Clearly, consoles have sold faster than everyone expected. We’re ahead of the previous cycle in terms of the pace. We’re on track to see, industry-wide, about 50-51 million units by calendar year end. And typically, most of the consoles are sold in the last quarter of the year because a lot of it is around gift-giving," said Jorgensen.

He added: "The power of the new consoles is fantastic. I think software makers are just now starting to truly harness the power. The first year, you had people testing and pushing, but now I think you’re starting to see, particularly this fall and winter, a lot really exciting pieces of software in the industry that are taking the processing power of the console."

PS4 and Xbox One both released in November 2013, with Sony’s console going on to sell-in nearly 30 million units globally. The console is already tracking well ahead of the PlayStation 2 in the U.K., which is to date not only Sony’s best-selling platform, but the biggest-selling games console of all time. Whether or not PS4 can surpass this is another question, although analysts are predicting the machine will sell 130 million units in its lifetime, falling slightly short of the PS2’s milestone achievement. 

Regardless, the PS4 continues to outpace its leading rival in the current console battle, with Microsoft even admitting that Sony’s console has a massive lead over the Xbox One. Last month was the first time in a while that Microsoft managed to triumph over Sony in the U.S. monthly console sales war, with the Xbox One outselling the PS4 thanks to the release of Halo 5: Guardians. Sony recently dropped the price of its flagship games platform in the U.S. and Europe ahead of the lucrative holiday season. 

With Black Friday just around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see how well both the PS4 and Xbox One perform.