PS4 and Xbox One sales are up 44% on PS3 and Xbox 360, says EA

Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Arts, has said that sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware are up 44 percent over PS3 and Xbox 360 during the same point in their lifecycle.


Speaking during the publishing powerhouse’s latest financial briefing overnight, Moore, an industry veteran who has worked at SEGA and Microsoft, also observed that software sales are tracking ahead of last-generation’s efforts.

"We’re now 20 months in and if we go like-for-like on the previous generation, we’re up 44% installed base hardware versus where we were Xbox 360, PS3, et al," he said. "And our attach rate for software is slightly ahead as well. When correcting for full-game downloads, digital full-game downloads and hardware bundles, we’re at 6.1% right now versus 5.9% in the same period in the previous generation."

Moore added that Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen machines are on track to hit 49 million combined sales by the end of this year.

Sony announced earlier this week that PS4 has shipped 25.3 million units worldwide since its launch in November 2013, with the console also outselling Xbox One in the U.K. every month so far this year.

Meanwhile, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One shipments reached 10 million last November.

via VideoGamer