PS4 appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, gets applause for allowing used games

Video Game Week is underway on American late night-talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with both upcoming next-generation consoles making appearances. Earlier this week, Microsoft showed off their Xbox One, and last night, Mark Cerny was on the show to demo the PlayStation 4.

At the beginning of the segment, Jimmy Fallon explains the "big story everyone’s talking about" that garners applause and cheers from the audience: that the PS4 is the only system that plays used games and doesn’t require an online connection. While he’s not entirely true by implying the Xbox One doesn’t play used games, it’s likely Microsoft’s complicated restrictions on used games is causing a lot of mainstream consumers to simplify it all to "it doesn’t play used games."

The rest of the video, viewable below, shows Fallon playing Cerny’s upcoming game, Knack.

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