PS4 blinking red light – How to stop your PS4 from overheating

As millions of PlayStation fans get their hands on PS4 for the first time, launch day arrives alongside a great variety of questions and problems. Some users are reporting that a blinking, pulsing blue light on their PS4 light bar is met with a blank screen. Others have chimed in with a host of error codes (and we’ve got the solutions).

The latest question to arise: What does a blinking red light mean?

Far from an indication of console failure or any such tragedy, a blinking red light on your PS4 simply means that the console has overheated and doesn’t want to turn on and risk prolonged heat exposure. It’s a good thing, basically; a failsafe put in place to ensure that gamers would be notified if their console is in a less-than-ideal position for cooling and ventilation.

Here’s what you should do to fix the Red Light of Heat:

1. Make sure your PS4 is resting on a hard surface. Running your system on carpet or another soft surface is the perfect way to block air vents and overheat your console in a jiffy.

2. Ensure your PS4 has at least a few inches of open air around it. Good ventilation is vitally important, as your system fans need cool air to pull in and sufficient room to deposit heat that won’t get sucked right back in.

3. Give it some time! Come back to your console after an hour or so, giving it time to cool off.

Has your PS4 has the blinking red light already? Have another problem to report? Drop a comment below and call 1-800-345-SONY to report your issue.