PS4 cheat system allows you to edit games for XP gains and money boosts

ps4 save editor

The PS4 Save Editor from Japanese product maker Cybergadget has launched in Japan, giving PlayStation 4 owners the ability to cheat in games.

Hosted on PC, the software costs 7,800 yen for a single user license and allows users to alter their save files to maximise character statistics, add more cash to your virtual balance, and commit other cheat methods.

PS4 Save Editor works by you downloading patch codes for certain games and then transferring them via USB to your PS4. Current patch codes available include games such as Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2 and Dragon Quest Heroes II.

According to the company’s website, the software claims to be able to add 99,999,999 GIL to your FFXV account, give your Persona 5 main character 9,999,999 EXP and deliver almost a million precious gems to your Gravity Rush persona.

Looking at the above screenshot, it also looks like cheats for Battlefield 1, Dark Souls 3 and Diablo 3 will also feature.

PS4 Save Editor isn’t the only cheat software around. The Xploder PS4 cheats system is currently available to preorder and will apparently work with the latest firmware updates. The Xploder Greatest Hits Collection allowed players to “boost their trophy achievements” by jumping into near-completed saves, but it’s unclear whether either of these products will allow you do cheat your way to platinum.

xploder ps4 cheats

Both PS4 cheat systems seem very community-driven with patches enabling you to modify saves only being available if they’ve been created by someone who can be bothered to do so. It’s also likely that many of these patches are highly illegal, especially if allowing users to modify files of online games for their advantage.

Or you could just play fairly?