PS4 connectivity features will boost PS Vita sales, says GameStop

GameStop boss Tony Bartel has said that the PlayStation 4’s ability to connect with PlayStation Vita will have a positive impact on the handheld’s overall sales.

Sony announced at the PlayStation Meeting that its next-generation home console will share a strong relationship with its portable cousin, allowing gamers to use the PS Vita as a second screen.

“With multi-screen gaming continuing to rise in popularity, I think you’ll see more gamers purchase a Vita to take advantage of the enhanced gameplay offered by PS4,” Bartel told Forbes.

Unsurprisingly, the GameStop executive also backed the notion of a PS Vita price cut:

“We’re always happy to see a price cut! Both bundles and price cuts tend to spur additional sales, so this would make sense leading up to launch," he said.

PS4 will be released in holiday 2013, though it remains unknown if this pertains to a worldwide launch or limited to specific regions.

Bartel confirmed during the same interview that GameStop will open up pre-orders once a price point has been announced, which the firm hopes will be this summer.

Stay tuned.