PS4 development ‘not that much of a difference’ from PS3, says Battlefield 4 dev

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer head honcho Aleksander Grondal has revealed that developing the military shooter for PlayStation 4 didn’t prove much of a difference in comparison to working on the PlayStation 3.

Speaking with the latest issue of OPM UK, Grondal said that the transition to PS4 ran smoothly, thanks to DICE’s scalable, ‘next-gen ready’ engine.

“For us, it’s not that much of a difference really. We have a scalable engine – it was already ‘next-gen ready,’ if you will, when we shipped Battlefield 3,” said Grondal, when asked how DICE is finding developing on Sony’s next-generation console compared to PS3.

“We do parallel development for all platforms, so, for us, [moving on to PS4] is not really that big of a change.’

Elsewhere, Grondal was asked about PS4’s ‘Share’ button, specifically if it was something DICE is excited about.

“Absolutely, that’s a super cool thing for us. The ability to share has been on PCs for a few years and people have done a lot with it,” he replied.

“So, I am super excited about people sharing their Battlefield moments on PS4. It will create a much more interesting sphere of social interaction.”

Battlefield 4 is scheduled to ship alongside the PS4 this November.

Source: OPM UK, issue 088