PS4-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima gets new details

Sucker Punch Productions has revealed new details on its upcoming PlayStation-exclusive Samurai epic, Ghost of Tsushima. 

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, Ghost of Tsushima adopts an open-world setting much like the studio’s previous franchise, inFAMOUS.

The game takes place in feudal Japan, specifically around the year 1274. Players control a hardened samurai as he attempts to thwart the Mongol army’s attempts to invade Japan, beginning with Tsushima Island. 

Ghost of Tsushima’s debut trailer featured a scene where our unnamed hero is confronted by a mysterious adversary, now revealed to be the leader of the Mongol army and an “uncomfortably unreasonable killer.”

It’s all there, right in that little scene.  The power and confidence of the Mongol Empire coming face to face with pure, lethal, samurai determination,” said Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox.

All of the footage was captured directly on the in-game engine running on PS4, Fox confirmed. 

The post also goes on to tease the types of environments you can expect to explore in Ghost of Tsushima, from bamboo forests, sprawling countrysides, to ornate castles. 

Clearly, Sucker Punch is going to a lot of effort to painstakingly recreate this much-loved setting, and from the look of things it’s going to be one of the best-looking PS4 titles to date.

Ghost of Tsushima has yet to attract a release date, although the game has been in development for around three years.