PS4-exclusive Nioh alpha demo now available to download

PlayStation 4-exclusive Nioh can now be taken for a test run thanks to the newly-launched Alpha Demo on the PlayStation Store, Koei Tecmo has announced.

The demo is only available for a limited time however, and will be taken offline on May 6. So, if you fancy delving into a spot of dark fantasy action, you had better not wait around to download it to your PS4.

Nioh’s Alpha Demo is comprised of two diverse settings, namely the remains of a fishing village, Usuki, and the western-centric Dazaifu, which has been overrun by rampaging demons from the Yokai realm. 

The demo gives you the chance to get your mitts on three close-range weapons: the spear, axe and katana. With these, players are able to forge their own playing style as they test each weapon out and discover which one suites their limb-slicing shenanigans the best. 

Furthermore, any player who manages to beat a stage in the demo will be given the Mark of the Conquer DLC via the PlayStation Store, which offers exclusive in-game goodies for the full game upon release day. 

For those who haven’t done their homework, Nioh casts gamers in the shoes of swordsman William, who ventures to war-torn Japan to battle a demon plague in the land of the samurai. Expect to face off against both demonic hordes and other samurai warriors in intense, action-packed battles that will test your skills to the limit. 

Nioh is helmed by Team NINJA’s Kou Shibusawa and Hisashi Koinuma backed by what Shibusawa-san refers to as "the entire power of Koei Tecmo." 

The demo weighs in at 3.9GB and also offers you the chance to select between frame rate and visual optimisation.