PS4 games in 2015: Are you disappointed? Is this the Year of the Indies?

Following news that Sony has cancelled its GamesCom press conference this year, it got us talking at PSU about our thoughts on the PlayStation 4 in 2015, specifically the games that have already been launched, the ones that have been announced, and those that haven’t. Is 2015 going to end in disappointment for PS4 owners, or are there enough decent games to keep us happy?

PS4 Games

We thought it would make interesting reading for you to see one of our internal email conversations, and perhaps give your own point of view in the comments below.

Simon Sayers – Editor
Anyone else think that this year could turn out to be quite a disappointment in terms of first-party PS4 games? Yes, we’ve had The Order, which was alright, and Bloodborne, which is great, but I think it could be shaping up to be a poor year.

The fact that Sony has cancelled its GamesCom press conference suggests to me that they have nothing major to show that might be cropping up near the end of the year that we don’t already know about.

2015 – It’s the year of the indies, isn’t it?

That’s the impression I’m getting. I think 2016 will be a lot different, but I think 2015’s shaping up right now to be one of the poorest years for games I can remember. Think I’m wrong?

Mike Harradence – Editor-in-Chief
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with PS4’s exclusive line-up for the rest of the year. So far, we’ve had the brilliant Bloodborne, but The Order: 1886 was a complete let down. To make matters worse, Uncharted 4 has now been pushed back into 2016. Right now, there’s some great titles on the horizon, but little in terms of first-party content. This will hopefully change come E3, where I’m at least expecting something like an Uncharted HD Trilogy to help plug the gap. Until Dawn does look very promising though, so fingers crossed! I have a feeling this will the year third-party will shine, and next year, PS4 will unleash the plethora of exclusives we’ve been waiting for.

Kyle Prahl – Senior Editor
I would agree that it’s a poor year for first-party titles, but there are tons of games I’m excited for. The Witcher, Batman, Star Wars Battlefront, Deus Ex, and Heavensward are top of mind for me when it comes to blockbusters.

Ernest Lin – Senior Editor
Between highly-anticipated juggernauts like Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Batman Artkham Knight and indie and niche titles, the third-party offerings for the PS4 this year are more than enough to keep players busy. Having exclusive titles doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t good so I’m glad Sony is taking its time. A large number of first-party games doesn’t equal guaranteed success as a console. If that was the case, Nintendo would be crushing the competition.

Ben Shilabeer-Hall – Twitch and Podcast Host

Well, we have Ratchet & Clank end of the year, plus (although it’s not exclusive) Battlefront has some sort of exclusivity advertising with PS4, maybe with timed DLC? They will probably push that and MGS5 end of the year. Nowadays, it’s probably not smart to have too many games in the winter period anyway with the annual franchises like Assassin’s Creed, CoD etc, taking everyone’s time and attention. I say wait till E3 before worrying too much.

Neil Bolt – Editor
A matter of perspective. There are potentially great games on the horizon, even if they don’t cost $100 million to create. The industry is pretty much split between big budget titles that fear changing from the norm because so much cash is involved, and the small studios with big ideas and less exposure, funding and manpower. There will come a point where the gap ceases to exist and small devs will get just big enough to make creative and fun games that don’t have to be crippled by a lack of technical grunt. Sony’s backing of indie studios could well pay off in the long run.

Ben Shillabeer-Hall – Twitch and Podcast Host

Indie-wise we have Tomorrow Children, Everybody’s Gone To Rapture, Volume, and maybe, No Man’s Sky. They might not be AAA budget but they should be fun games

Chris Clement – Community Manager
Yeah, personally I’m not in a fret over the lack of first person exclusives. Just the slowness of major titles being released in general has bugged me and others. I’m hoping Sony has an outstanding line-up for E3 this year because frankly this gen could use a shot of adrenaline. We had a lot more games to play at this point in the PS3 lifecycle.

Fraser Miller – PSUtube Manager
With Deus Ex Mankind Divided, DOOM, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division (if it doesn’t slip that is), the games are pretty darn fantastic looking still. Sony’s console is the best hardware wise too. Also, there are quite a few games that have gone unmentioned. Tearaway Unfolded? I know not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s still a stellar title. Think we all know better: Sony always has something up its sleeve, and when you have an indie title such as No Man’s Sky I would never put down indies.

Kevin Rombouts – Assets Manager
I think this year’s a big year for Indies because those games require less time and effort to make COMPARED TO FIRST PARTY GAMES (read the full sentence, don’t shoot me!). And if we look at how many indies are already available, compared to the number to actual first party games, then, in my opinion, this is YOTI, Year of the Indies. But yeah. hoping to see more first party games incoming soon.

Do you agree, disagree? What are your thoughts on PS4 games in 2015?