PS4 Guide: How to use voice commands

One of the new features of PlayStation 4 is the ability to use your voice to command your console to carry out numerous tasks.

Voice commands can be activated using either the PlayStation Camera or the original PS4 headset that launched with Sony’s console.

To begin voice activation –

1. From the XMB, navigate to SETTINGS > SYSTEM

2. Choose Voice Operation Settings and select OPERATE PS4 WITH VOICE

3. To begin voice operation, all of the following commands must be preceded by the word “PlayStation”

– Home Screen
– Back to Game
– Start
– Take Screenshot
– Start Video Clip
– Save Video Clip
-Log in
-Start PlayStation Store
-Start Notifications
-Start Friends
-Start Messages
-Start Party
– Start Profile
-Start Trophies
-Start Settings
-Start Power
– Turn off PS4
-Enter Rest Mode
-Start Broadcast
-Stop Broadcast
-Show Comments
-Change Layout
-Find Face
-Broadcast Settings