PS4: hands-on, name, pricing, software and more – PSU predicts NYC next-gen reveal event

We were having a rather slow, boring few weeks to be honest – it’s usually like that in the first couple of months of the gaming year – when Sony all of a sudden woke us up by releasing this mysterious video and sending us an invite to an event in New York City

Though it still hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony that the PS4 will be revealed at the event, the industry is 99.9 percent that this will be the case and PSU will be heading there to give you the lowdown direct from New York City.

Since the invite, we’ve been wildly speculating as to what we’ll actually see and hear at the event so we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts with you and also ask what you think Sony will have up its sleeve on February 20th.


Here’s some predictions from the PSU staff…

Ernest Lin – Editor & Writer

Like I said in last week’s Podcast Derailed, I think my biggest prediction is that the next PlayStation will not be named the PS4 and instead "PlayStation Orbis" or "PlayStation (other name)." Why’s that? The number 4 is an unlucky number in several Asian cultures including Chinese, Korean, & Japanese. Phones and electronics in these countries have skipped using the number 4 before. The Korean electronics company Samsung is set to reveal their next flagship Galaxy phone, which should be the Galaxy S IV. The model number of the S IV has been revealed as being GT-i9500, instead of GT-i9400. Throughout many Asian countries, including Japan, buildings like hotels and hospitals will not have a fourth floor or even rooms with the number four in them. The closest Western equivalent would be the superstition around the number 13.

The superstition comes from the sound for the number "four" being a homophone to the word for "death" in many Asian languages, which trace their origins to Chinese. In Japanese, the verb "to die" is "shinu" (死ぬ) with the Chinese kanji character in the word (死) spoken as "shi" and meaning "death." The word for four is also pronounced as "shi." As someone who is Asian, I feel it is a big enough superstition for Sony to avoid the PlayStation 4 name. They don’t want the PlayStation to die!

Mike Harradence – Managing Editor

“Sony’s apparent decision to lift the curtains on PlayStation 4 later this month seems to me like they are attempting to get one-up on Microsoft, something which they failed to do with the PS3. As such, I would expect more than just a fleeting glimpse at its next home console, though at the same time they don’t want to shoot all the big guns until E3 or TGS. However, I reckon the PlayStation Meeting will leave our jaws well and truly floored.

For one, I expect a full gander at the machine itself, including name (i’m still going with ‘PS4’), projected release date and some raw specs. However, I have a feeling Sony will opt to leave the controller unveil to a later date. Gaikai is a must-show, though, with confirmation hopefully that it will be replacing traditional backwards compatibility – something which Sony eschewed from latter PS3 models.

As for software, I do not expect any playable demoes, though we’ll definitely get a look at some major first-party titles. Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games are some of the studios I expect to be there in full force showcasing what next-gen gems they have up their sleeves. I would like to see some fresh IP from these guys though (with the possible exception of Polyphony) aside from the predictable sequel route.

As for the rest, that’ll no doubt be at E3.”


Rumour of Feb PS4 reveal sends the Internet crazy

Fraser Miller – Writer

I’m going to put forward the fact Guerrilla Games must have something to show off that will more than entice people to really want this new system. Could it be a new Killzone or a brand new shooter ready to take the world by storm? Also what has Polyphony Digital been up to? Perhaps they’ll be a brand new instalment of Gran Turismo shown off which will then will be playable at E3?

I don’t think there will be much more revealed apart from the system itself and what it could be capable of. The rest of the games will like be hidden until E3 for a true all round spectacular show.

Adam Dolge – Executive Editor

“I’ve been predicting Sony’s involvement in the zombie apocalypse for quite some time, and my belief is this event in New York City on Feb. 20 is to lay the groundwork for annihilation. First, get a bunch of gaming press and flappy nerds in one room. Second, get the world’s attention for a few brief minutes. Fourth, start the zombie apocalypse. Third, you ask? That’s for me to know!

I’ve never been proven wrong before in my life, so now may be Sony’s chance to change that. If the gaming giant decides not to go through with its diabolical plan for world domination, it will probably show off its latest powerhouse console. Picture a giant blank TV screen. Now picture all the characters from PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale running up on stage and fighting in one giant orgy of gamer geekdom. Then, all the sudden, on that blank TV screen you see the faint silhouette of a Solid Snake like figure. Then, the lights flash, smoke billows through the crowd of eager gamers. Thunderous music echoes through the auditorium. Suddenly the lights go out. The music stops. You hear high-performance sports car engines straight from a Gran Turismo game. You hear a familiar Nathan Drake cry out. You hear that chick from God of War start talking about Kratos killing yet another God. As the lights come up you see, standing on stage, Kaz Kirai and Jack Tretton, arms locked, staring fondly at one another like long-lost lovers. They turn to the crowd, still silent. They gaze off fondly, still silent, still holding one another’s hands.

After that the screen will probably play some montage about Sony’s next console, we’ll learn about the power under the hood, the new controller, some pricing details, and even more about the digital offerings. Yeah, it’s going to be one big PlayStation love fest. Either that or zombies, lots of zombies.”

Will Robinson – Staff Writer

As expected, the PlayStation 4 will be shown, and only shown. There will be no on stage demonstration. Part of this will be due to the fact that no controller will be shown with it, keeping the new design a mystery until E3. Sony will also vigorously claim that the PS4 and PlayStation Vita will have an extremely strong relationship. There will even be mention of the PS4 allowing for the Vita to be used like a Wii U controller for some games.

The big shocker of the event will be the reveal of Sucker Punch’s current work-in-progress. It will be a completely new IP and be featured as a launch title for the PS4. It will also be announced as the first game bundled with the PS4.

The event will end with a montage of never before seen game footage from recognizable franchises, like Gran Turismo, along with footage from games that are yet to be announced. No logos or company names will be given during the closing video.

Regardless of what happens, this event will surely be a great day for PlayStation fans everywhere.


PS4 controller mock-up image courtesy of Neogaf members

Dane Smith – Staff Writer

“What they do is they replace 4 with F in a lot of places here in Korea. The joys of English. So who knows, maybe the PS4 will be the PSF?

Prediction Time!

Why so serious everyone? The speculating business takes too much valuable gaming time that instead of predicting what ‘will’ appear at the Sony event, I will predict what would be cool to see but super unlikely. Firstly, I think Sony will troll us with the name of the new Playstation and just call it the Playstation 2X. Who needs sequential numbering? That is so 2013BC. Secondly, they will announce an exclusive deal with Square Enix by buying the company and breaking the studios apart again into just Squaresoft and Enix to bring back the glory days. Third, Atlus will announce Persona 5 for both the PS3 and Vita, giving double the helping of love to fans of the series. Fourth, the newest Monster Hunter is announced for the Vita and will be localized in English so fans don’t have to worry. Finally fifth, David Hayter will make a full costume appearance as Snake and promo Kojima’s newest game.

Will any of these happen? 95% unlikely. Would any of those be cool or funny to see happen? I know the internet would be buzzing about number 2, and then maybe we can see a Chrono Trigger 2!

Kyle Prahl – Editor

The rather odd decisions made by Sony marketing in recent months leaves me surprised by the immediacy of the February 20 reveal. On one hand, the PS3’s lifecycle was plagued by inconsistent (and nonexistent) advertising that seemed to lack a cohesive direction. Who was the PS3 for? What type of gamer did PlayStation cater to? The answer was different every month, which is why I’m pleased to see Sony stepping up to the batter’s box – beating Microsoft to the punch and pleasing future-hungry fans in one go.

Of course, the PlayStation Meeting will be for naught without a compelling presentation that convincingly casts PlayStation 4 as the future of gaming – the device you must own, and the herald of a new gaming era. To that end, I predict that we’ll receive our first glimpse at PS4 launch window titles in the form of one or more sizzle reels – no dedicated game trailers, but a series of clips strung together and laced with electronic music. I don’t expect that a physical unit will be present, as the final design is no doubt still being hammered out, but I believe that a prototype render will (much like the NGP) be shown and introduced as PlayStation 4. I also think it’s too early for pricing specifics – Sony has to save some surprises for E3, right? – but I’d be shocked if the presentation didn’t end with the announcement of Japanese and North American launch windows.

So, no game trailers, no pricing; what’s there to look forward to? Details. I believe that the PlayStation Meeting will be a comprehensive look at the specs, features, and brand strategy for PlayStation 4. What new network functions and controller features will revolutionize the way we play? What standout features will make PS4 unlike any console before it? How will Gaikai streaming expand the scope of gaming, both at home and on-the-go? Will PS4 and PS Vita connect in meaningful ways? You’ll know these things and more before the clock strikes midnight.

Steven Williamson – Publisher

There’s so much hype building for the PS4 reveal that I’m slightly worried that we’re all going to be let down by nothing more than a name, a video montage showcasing tiny clips of games that are coming to the PS4 and Sony telling us how it’s going to revolutionise gaming. I don’t think they’ll be any pricing revealed and I believe we’ll only be told a small amount about the specifications of the hardware, probably confirmation of the processor chip and lots of hype about how powerful it will make the console. I don’t think they’ll be any PS4 hands-on at all and I think we’ll only get to see a glimpse of the new controller on-screen. This is just going to be a small teaser to get us all excited about E3, which PSU will be heading to in force!