PS4 has shipped 25.3 million consoles worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that PlayStation 4 has shipped 25.3 million units worldwide since its November 2013 launch.

The format holder revealed that three million PS4s were shipped during the period April – June 2015, compared to the 2.7 million moved in the same period last year—that’s an increase of 11 percent.

As a result of the console’s success, Sony has raised its full-year sales forecast for the PS4 from 16 million to 16.5 million.

Note that Sony is saying consoles shipped and not sold; last we heard, PS4 had sold-in over 22 million units to consumers worldwide earlier this year.

Sony said a few months back that sales of the console are tracking faster than PS2 in the U.K.