PS4 has trouble performing some of PS2’s feats, claims Gran Turismo creator

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the Gran Turismo series, claims that the PlayStation 2’s quick fill-rate meant that even the PlayStation 4 can struggle to do some of the things that Sony’s millennium-year console can do.

Yamauchi’s revelation was brought to light in a Eurogamer feature, that also touched upon the hard work needed to get the early instalments of the franchise ready. During the first five years of development of the original Gran Turismo for PlayStation, Yamauchi was ‘said to have only been able to return home four days in every 365.’ When working the follow-up for the PS2, he once had a mammoth 100-hour shift.

Gran Turismo 6 launched Friday outside of Japan and Asia for PlayStation 3. Gran Turismo 7 might reach the PS4 as soon as next year, according to Yamauchi.

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