PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: Sony responds to Microsoft’s goading

Sony and Microsoft haven’t been winding each other up so much over the last 12 months, but the recent attempts to belittle Sony by its competitor – spurred on by the PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio (which one is better) debate – has rattled a few cages.

Lack of PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray made Sony an easy target

Microsoft gloated when it discovered that PS4 Pro was lacking a 4K Blu-ray drive. The Xbox One maker willy-waved its 4K player for Xbox Scorpio right in the faces off Sony, taking to Twitter to ram it right down its throat shortly after the PS4 Pro announcement.

 As the jibes began, with lots of gamers on social media joining in as well as numerous Microsoft executives (Major Nelson being one of them), Xbox’s Phil Spencer stepped forward to try and calm things down:

“I’ve been public about my dislike of the negative dialog. We should stay focused on what we are building for Xbox gamers,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Sony stayed quiet and dignified, refusing to bite back.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: Sony responds

Now, a couple of weeks after the PS4 Pro announcement, Sony has spoken about the reaction from Microsoft on social media.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House said:

“I thought it was quite intriguing given that we’d seen a year of stories about “a new and different Microsoft” in terms of their attitude towards the competition.”

pro and dualshock 4

Why PS4 Pro isn’t getting 4K Blu-ray

Speaking about the lack of PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray support, House had this to say:

“When I look at other ways people are using their PS4 – video content is absolutely the number two use of people’s time on the console. But it is 5:1 in favour of streaming video versus packaged media. We looked at that and said that’s probably where we should place our emphasis.”

Interestingly though, industry insiders believe that it’s because the inclusion of a beefed-up 4K player on Pro could affect sales of the standalone 4K Blu-ray player being released by Sony in 2017. Sounds plausible.

He also addressed other issues that have been brought up by those sceptical about whether PS4 Pro games will be upscaled or whether we’re going to see native 4K gaming.

“I would say the majority will be upscaled – at least based on the game portfolio I have seen to date,” he commented.

The line-up PS4 Pro games currently confirmed include: Mass Effect Andromeda, Horizon: Zero Down and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Sony’s new console launches on November 10, 2016.