PS4 sales at 9 million, Xbox One ‘north of 5 million,’ reports Edge Magazine

Though neither Sony nor Microsoft has announced any official sales figures since April, gamers have been sure to keep aware of the growing unit sales of each brand. For the PlayStation 4, the most current unofficial figure was about 8 million until today, when, according to International Business Times, Edge Magazine’s latest issue (#296) mentioned that the PS4 has reached 9 million units sold. The figure came during a question directed at Microsoft’s Phil Harrison. Harrison stated that the Xbox One’s figure is “north of 5 million.”

Whether either of these figures refers to units shipped or units sold remains a mystery, and it is important to remember that neither has been officially confirmed or denied by Sony or Microsoft. Even so, it is entirely possible for the PS4 to have sold two million more consoles in the two-month time span since April, when it officially announced 7 million units sold to Xbox One’s 5 million units shipped. Furthermore, the fact that the Xbox One’s figure comes from Harrison, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, does offer credibility to at least one of the numbers, however vague it may be.

Either way, it would be wise to wait for official numbers or even NPD sales figures to determine the validity of these claims. Of course, Sony could wait to make an official announcement until the PS4 sells 10 million units, a far more impressive landmark than 8 or 9 million. If these reports are to be believed, that could happen before Fall 2014.

Talk to us! How valid do you think this numbers are, and when do you think PS4 and Xbox One could each reach that 10 million landmark?