PS4 sales go through the roof thanks to PS4 Pro release

According to a report on MCV citing data from GfK, the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console has boosted sales of overall PS4 hardware in the country by a massive 204 percent following its launch on November 10.

PS4 sales go through the roof thanks to PS4 Pro

The week ending November 12, 2016 saw week-on-week sales of the PS4 sky rocket, with 65 percent of console sales during this time attributed to the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Slim and original PS4 models also saw a slight boost in sales of 8.5 percent week-on-week. 

PS4 sales for the period clocked in at 44 percent higher than the Xbox One, with Sony’s current-generation system nabbing a 53 percent share of the hardware market compared to Microsoft’s 37 percent share.  



The PS4 Pro was announced during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York City back in September, alongside the PS4 Slim. The console boasts high-end specs allowing for 4K gaming, increased frame rates, and High-dynamic Range (HDR) effects. In addition, Sony has also patched a number of PS4 games with HDR features for those who want to enjoy improved visuals without the need to pick up the PS4 Pro.

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Sony launched the PS4 back in November 2013 alongside Microsoft’s Xbox One, and quickly gained the advantage over its lead rival in terms of worldwide sales. To date, Sony has shipped nearly 48 million PS4s across the globe, although Microsoft has remained coy on just how many Xbox Ones it has shifted. 

In recent months however, Xbox One has managed to gained the advantage in terms of monthly U.S. sales following the launch of the ‘S’ model, although it will be interesting to see how PS4 Pro impacts on Sony’s fortunes in North America for this month. 

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