PS4 Slim preorder: UK retailer goes live for 500GB and 1TB model

Following the official reveal of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro at the PlayStation Meeting today, you can now bag your PS4 Slim preoder at ShopToNet.

As far as we can see, this is the first UK retailer to go live with their preorder for Sony’s new consoles, pricing it at £259.85 for the 500Gb model and £299.86 for the 1TB model.

playstation 4 slim picture

We’ll update this page as soon we spot more!

PS4 Slim release date

The PS4 Slim launches on September 15, and features a number of changes over the original PS4. including a matte-black design, rounded corners, and new positions for the new mechanical eject and power buttons. The glowing light strip of the original console has also been removed.

The PlayStation 4 Slim is also accompanied by a brand new DualShock 4 controller. The new pad has had one small re-design, with the glowing blue light bar now situated just above the touch-pad. The d-pad buttons are also slightly more indented for a better grip.

At the PlayStation Meeting, Sony also revealed PS4 Pro, an upgraded PS4 model that features a better CPU and GPU to support HDR and 4K resoltions. PlayStation 4 Pro will be released on November 10, and a PS4 HDR update for all current PlayStation 4 models will be available in the next firmware update 4.0 next week.