PS4 Slim review reveals size and specs, states it’s ‘thinner, quieter and cooler’

 The first PS4 Slim review has appeared on the web, despite the console not even launching yet, and Sony not officially announcing it.’s Laura Kate Dale has made the decision to review the PS4 Slim, putting herself in the firing line of Sony who has recently issued takedown notices to numerous sites for leaking details of its new console.

PS4 Slim review unboxing

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In her review, she reveals some interesting snippets of information. First up, the official dimensions of the PS4 Slim.

PS4 Slim dimensions revealed

“The PS4 Slim’s dimensions come in at 264 x 39 x 288mm, which is a considerable drop in size compared to the 275 x 53 x 305mm size of the standard model,” writes Laura. She goes to write that his cuts the console’s height down by around a third.

She also notes changes with the new DualShock 4 which comes packaged with the PS4 Slim, and it’s interesting to see that the light bar has been moved to above the touchpad, so you no longer have to tilt your control to see the glow – it’s more of an aesthetic change, but we like the touch!


Laura also states that there’s a slight change to the feel of the d-pad with a dip in the center of the buttons that “makes rolling between directions more comfortable.” Though she states the internal parts of the PS4 Slim haven’t been changed from the original model (so, not sure if it is getting a 5GHz Wi-Fi upgrade?), she says the new SATA port for the exchanging of hard-drives makes it simple to upgrade.

PS4 Slim review: conclusion

Laura concludes her review by writing:

“Overall, I really have no complaints about the PS4 Slim, besides the removal of the optical port which I have not ever personally used. It’s smaller, thinner, quieter, cooler, features a nicer controller with additional features, and I personally love the new matte curved design.”

There’s much more to read in the first PS4 Slim review, so do check out Laura’s work and Twitter to find out more.