PS4 specs vs. Xbox One specs – RAM, graphics, and more

PlayStation 4 is set to be the most powerful game console ever created. Can the same be said for Microsoft’s Xbox One?

Here’s a quick look at PS4’s hardware specifications, set against those of Xbox One, revealed earlier today. As you can see, both systems boast eight-core CPUs and 8 GB of system RAM, but Xbox One uses DDR3 RAM, a memory format introduced in 2007. DDR3 is generally considered to be better suited for general, low-intensity computing tasks, but is trumped handily by GDDR5’s graphical prowess and high bandwidth for visuals. GDDR5 was first shipped in AMD GPUs in 2008.

More detailed PS4 specs here. We will update this information as more concrete details become available.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Will Microsoft’s decision to go with DDR3 RAM give PS4 the long-term edge? Does Microsoft have something to hide by not giving more detailed specifics on the Xbox One’s GPU? Which system currently has the lead, and which will win the coming generation?

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