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PS4 System Update 9.00 Reportedly Fixes Missing CMOS Battery Issue

Sony launched PS4 system update 9.00 last week, but it’s only now that reports have started to come in that the firmware appears to have fixed the missing CMOS battery issue.

That’s according to Destruction Games on Twitter, who first flagged up the issue regarding the CMOS battery, who revealed on social media that PS4 update 9.00 appears to have fixed the problem. Upon testing, they were able to play games on a PS4 with a missing CMOS battery while offline.

Obviously this is not official but Destruction Games seems to be on to something here, and with some more testing, we’ll hopefully have a better idea of what exactly the latest PS4 Firmware has remedied in regards to this issue.

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In case you missed it, the PS4 system update 9.00 adds the ability to view PS5 Trophies on your PS4, as well as injecting some messaging tweaks and improving parental controls.

[Source – WCCFTech]