PS4 to be released before Xbox 720, says analyst

Sony will likely have its next-generation console out the door before Microsoft rolls out its successor to the Xbox 360, reckons RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, Sebastian commented, "I doubt they will be ready for launch in 2013.  Between Sony and Microsoft, we expect Sony to be first to market perhaps as early as 2013, but more likely in 2014.  There is still a lot of investment for both companies to recoup in the current generation.”

Chatter on next-generation platforms kicked up a notch this week, with a source close to Develop stating that a number of Sony studios had already begun working on PS4 games.

Furthermore, it also claimed that Microsoft is set to take the wraps off the Xbox 720 at E3 2013, with plans to launch the console later that year.

Sony, however, continues to remain coy on the subject  of PS4, making it clear the firm intends on supporting the PS3, as well as its forthcoming next-gen handheld, the PlayStation Vita, for the foreseeable future. 

Stay tuned.