PS4 update 4.50 hides secret feature that wasn’t in patch notes

ps4 update 4.50

Sony’s recently-launched PS4 update 4.50 offers a whole host of new additions for gamers to enjoy, but one of the most overlooked features, which wasn’t included in the patch notes, is that it improves tracking for the PS Move controller.

The infamous ‘jitter’ problems have been plaguing PS Move for a while now. For example, users could be playing the likes of Batman: Arkham VR only see their virtual hand having a bad case of the wobblies, despite the fact they may be holding the pS Move controller perfectly still in real life. And, while PS4 update 4.50 doesn’t completely rectify the issue, it has improved the experience with notably less jitters than before. 

YouTube user iWaggleVR has tested PS Move following the release of PS4 update 4.50, so you can see for yourself the improvements it brings on titles such as Batman: Arkham VR, London Heist, and Job Simulator. 

Source: Destructoid