PS4 update 4.50 release date rumor points to this week for firmware launch

ps4 update 4.50 firmware patch

[UPDATE] More evidence points to a Tuesday March 7 release date for PS4 update 4.50 as PlayStation support apparently let things slip.

[ORIGINAL] The PS4 update 4.50 release date is almost upon us. In fact, it’s so close we’ve already got our new external hard drive just waiting to be unboxed!

Typically, Sony’s PS4 firmware updates launch approximately 30 days after the beta phase. We know from insiders that we’re in the final stages of beta, and we’ve been tipped off that launch date could be this week, which ties in perfectly with previous firmware release dates.

PS4 update 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 were released on a Wednesday and varied between being in their beta phase for between 20-35 days. The beta for PS4 update 4.50 began on February 3, which means it’s now been 32 days. All fingers point to a launch day of March 7 or 8, 2017.

Let’s recap on what PS4 update 4.50 means to console owners.

1. Add an external PS4 USB 3.0 harddrive to your console to increase storage.

2. Transform the look of your dashboard with new PS4 themes straight from in-game shots or a USB stick.

3. Enjoy a tweaked interface that means you can access and use the Quick Menu without it interfering with your games.

4. Get a PS4 Pro boost mode that can increase the resolution and provide smoother framerates for those games that haven’t received a PS4 Pro patch.

5. Watch 3D movies and videos with PlayStation VR thanks to 3D Blu-Ray support.

These are the main features of PS4 update 4.50 but we also understand that there are a few unannounced updates that we can expect on release date, including the abiltiy to send animated GIFS via message.

Stay tuned for the official announcement from Sony shortly.