PS4 update 4.73 removes Jailbreak exploit – report

ps4 jailbreak exploit

Sony has stealthily removed the jailbreak exploit for its flagship home console via the recently launched PS4 update 4.73.

That’s at least according to new reports filtering onto the web today, which claims that the patch, which was released yesterday to ostensibly improve system stability, also had a more significant role—cracking down on the PS4 jailbreak exploit.

Since PS4’s launch in November 2013, hackers have managed to unearth a small exploit in in the console’s game sharing functionality. Sony has a restriction in place so that this feature is limited to one system, but some individuals have cracked this thanks to the release of a new mod chip called MTX, allowing them to bypass the restriction. 

However, this is not an authentic jailbreak per see, and requires the use of a PSN ID with legitimately purchased games. Not only that, but you have a high chance of having your PSN ID flagged and alerting the hardware to Sony, who will have no compunction in bringing down the ban hammer.

Sony is gearing up for the release of a major patch for its flagship console later this year, with PS4 update 5.0 now in the pipeline and looking for beta testers. Sony has yet to confirm what features will be added, although we have an idea of what may be included based on a old survey.