PS4 vs Xbox One: Amazon ends poll due to overwhelming Sony victory

Amazon has pulled the curtains down on its user poll between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, after Sony’s next-generation attracted a massive 94.7 per cent of votes.

For those out of the loop, the retail giant set up the poll on its Facebook page on June 13 following all the hype at E3 last week to determine which machine gamers were more interested in.

All in all it was a landslide victory for PS4, with 38984 votes attributed to Sony’s console while Microsoft’s next-gen rig pulled in 2162. Amazon had originally planned to run the poll until June 20, though given the overwhelming number of votes in favour of the PS4, they cut it short.

Sony and Microsoft flexed their next-gen muscles at E3 last week, though PS4 in particular seemed to attract a lot of praise due to its stance on DRM and used games. Microsoft on the other hand were heavily criticised due to their implementation of such restrictions.

Looking back, how do you feel Sony did at E3? Do you think all the criticism directed at Microsoft is justified? Sound off in the comments section below.