PS4 ‘will win the early phase of the next generation console war,’ according to Strategy Analytics’ survey

A new report from market research intelligence firm Strategy Analytics shows that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will ‘win the early phase’ of the upcoming console generation. Based on their consumer survey results, the PS4 will have a 50% sales lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One.

SA’s report, "Games Consoles: Purchase Intention Index Q2 2013," gathered information in June from over 6,000 respondents in the United States and Europe who were selected to create a representative population sample. Only 9.5% of consumers said they were somewhat to very likely going to purchase the Xbox One versus the 14.2% reported for the PS4. Meanwhile, in the key gaming age demographic of 20-35 year olds, PS4 sees the buying intent percentage at 30%, while Xbox One sits at under 20%.

"Our survey suggests that consumers believe the PS4 will win the early phase of the next generation console war. "Sony’s performance at E3 was widely accepted as superior to Microsoft’s, and the survey evidence suggests this has already fed through to the wider consumer market," explained Strategy Analytics’ Director of Connected Home Devices Jia Wu.

PS4 is in a great position at the start, but will need to keep up the pace to maintain the lead it have over the Xbox One. Microsoft remains competitive, as demonstrated with last month’s complete reversal of Xbox One’s controversial DRM and used game policies.


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