PS4’s H-Hour: World’s Elite gets first screenshot has today reported on the first screenshot to be released for upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC shooter, H-Hour: World’s Elite.

The screenshot was posted on the game’s forums with a message from SOF Studios Kristen Beane, which reads: "It is with great pride and honour I am allowed to post this for you all today. So much work from a long list of people have gone into this project I am humbled to be the one bringing it to all of you. (my hands are shaking.)"

H-Hour: World’s Elite is the Kickstarter-funded tactical team-based military shooter, inspired by real life events. A predicted release date of January 2015 has been given for its release on PC and PS4. Many fans have been calling H-Hour: World’s Elite the successor to David Sear’s PS2 SOCOM series, and if it is then that would be great news.

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