PS4’s incredible success even has Sony lost for words

Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios SCE WWS), has admitted he’s unsure as to why PlayStation 4 has proven such an unprecedented success.

Sony’s latest games console has sold 10 million units since its launch in November 2013, putting it well ahead of Microsoft’s competing Xbox One, which last we heard had shipped just over five million units.

However, speaking to Eurogamer, Yoshida-san couldn’t pin down the key to the PS4’s massive success.

“It’s just beyond our imagination. We are so happy. But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what’s happening," he commented.

“As soon as we see a great sales number, our instinct tells us we should be concerned about future sales, right? Are we exhausting all the core gamers? If we sell this number of units, there are no more consumers we can sell to. That’s a really terrifying prospect,” said Yoshida. “So we want to understand who are these consumers who we do not necessarily consider core gamers, who are purchasing PS4 and why they are doing it and what they are doing with PS4, so we can create a bit more of a positive future, rather than saying, wow, we have sold to every single core gamer. So that’s what we are doing.”

Why do you think PS4 sales have sky-rocketed? Did you pick one up on launch day, or are you a new adopter? Let us know in the comments section below.