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PS5 Accessories Now Releasing Nov. 12 In UK, Except For DualSense

Retailer SimplyGames has revealed that the release date for PS5 accessories has been bumped to November 12, the same date as the console launches in the US and Japan. The DualSense still won’t be available until general release on November 19, however.

PS5 Accessories Brought Forward A Week Early

To be fair this isn’t all that surprising, as consoles launches in the past have seen a number of accessories and even games available before the main hardware launch. SEGA’s Dreamcast saw a number of peripherals go on sale prior to the console, for example.

Sony will launch the PS5 in the US and Japan on November 12 and in the UK and Europe on November 19. The system will be available in two variations: a Digital-Only Edition for $399/£359 and a disc-based model for $499/£449.

The PS5 will be going up against the Xbox Series X/S from Microsoft, which is launching slightly earlier worldwide on November 10.