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Can You Gift PS5 Digital Games?

Can You Gift PS5 Digital Games? It used to be the case that if you wanted to buy a game for a friend or family member, you needed to get the game for them on disc or cartridge.

That still is the case, but it’s much more common (and easier) to gift your friends and family their games digitally.

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It’s a major feature for Steam, where you can send a game to a friend’s library. But is gifting digital games just as easy on PlayStation?

Can you gift digital games on PS5? Let’s find out.

Can You Gift PS5 Digital Games?

No, unfortunately you cannot gift digital games on PS5. It used to be possible to gift games on PlayStation, but the service was shut down in 2019.

How To Gift PS5 Digital Games

While you can’t gift digital games directly on PS5, you can still give the gift of buying digital games to your friends and family.

All you need is to get a PlayStation Store gift card for your gift-intended. You can buy one physically of course, but you can also e-mail the card to your intended.

So while it requires a few more steps than it should, you still technically can gift digital games on PS5.