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PS5 Outsells Xbox Series X\S By At Least 7 To 1 In Many Markets Latest Figures Show

The latest GSD data has revealed that the PS5 is continuing to dominate hardware sales in Europe, with saes of Sony’s current-generation machine up 143% for October year-on-year due to the increased availability of stock. Furthermore, it also appears to be outpacing Microsoft’s competing Xbox Series X/S by a considerable margin in select regions.

This time last year the PS5 was still fairly difficult to get hold of, an issue that plagued the PS5 since its launch in November 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Sony’s Jim Ryan revealed earlier this year that the stock shortages had come to an end, and indeed this year has seen PS5 sales skyrocket.

The Xbox Series X/S meanwhile appears to be struggling in Europe, with Microsoft’s system down 52% in sales compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, it appears that Sony’s console is outselling its main rival by as much as 7-to-1 in many markets.

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October 2023 saw a total of 481,000 consoles sold across tracked markets in Europe, with PS5 sales up 11% over September.

Sony launched a new version of the PS5 this month in the shape of the colloquially-dubbed PS5 Slim, which comes in digital and disc models, although with the latter users will be able to purchase and attach a Blu-ray HD drive.

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