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PS5 Randomly Turns On – How To Stop Your PS5 Turning On With Your TV & More

PS5 Randomly Turns On – While a lot of people have reported instances where their PS5 turns off by itself, there are some occasions when users are actually finding their console seemingly turns on randomly. There are reasons for when your PS5 may turn on suddenly, so we’ve got you covered below!

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What To Do If Your PS5 Randomly Turns On

There are a few reasons why your PS5 randomly turns on. The biggest culprit is if you have your console in Rest Mode. Alternatively, you may have connected your TV to the PS5 via an HDMI or pass-through device, which means Sony’s system will power up when your TV does. Finally, the PS5 may turn on to download the latest firmware update or upload save data to the cloud.

  1. If you’re operating in PS5 Rest Mode, then make sure you switch off Internet connective by going to Settings > Power Settings > Features Available in Rest Mode > disable Stay connected to the Internet.
  2. If the PS5 turns out with your TV, then you should deactivate the HDMI link. Go to Settings > System > HDMI – Turn off Enable HDMI Device Link
  3. Remote Play could also be causing you issues. As such, it’s best to disable it: Head to System > Remote Play > Turn off Enable Remote Play

These fixes should ensure that your PS5 does not turn on seemingly randomly!