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PS5 Redirect Error – Details & Possible Fixes For PS5 Sony Direct Error Message

PS5 Redirect Error, Sony Direct, PS5 Redirect, PlayStation 5 Redirect – If you’re still on the hunt for the PS5, then you may have encountered this rather troublesome issue known around the web as PS5 redirect error. We’ve compiled as much info as possible about this problem and any possible fixes to help you out.

PS5 Redirect Error

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  1. PS5 Redirect Error – What Is It?
  2. PS5 Redirect Error – Possible Fixes

PS5 Redirect Error – What Is It?

According to numerous user reports online, the PS5 redirect error seems to occur when trying to buy a PS5 from Sony Direct. Specifically, you’re put into a queue and then just as the page loads from where you can buy a PS5, an error comes up saying “Used queue number. You have been redirected before using this queue number.”

You can then click a link and have to wait once more, only for another error to greet you after the waiting period is up that reads: “Rejected queue number. There has been an error and your queue number has been rejected. We reported this issue and apologise for any inconvenience.”

Even after repeatedly trying, one user on GameFAQs reported that he was later greeted with this: “Event has ended. Thanks for being a loyal customer.”

PS5 Redirect Error – Possible Fixes

Right now the best way to deal with this issue is to contact Sony directly, as there appears to be no sure-fire way to fix the problem. However, it has been suggested that players should clear their cookies before accessing Sony Direct on your web browser.

Also, keep in mind that the store limits you to only one PS5 per household, so you obviously won’t be able to buy multiple consoles.

Rest assured if we find anymore details about the PS5 redirect error, we’ll be sure to let you know.