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PS5 Trophies Reportedly Can Earn You In-Game Rewards

Fresh details on the PS5 Trophy system have emerged following Sony’s detailed UI blowout last week, revealing that not only will they track your progress, but also reward you with in-game items as you unlock them

New PS5 Trophy Details Revealed

As reported by Tidux on Twitter, these details were actually revealed during the PS5 UI showcase, and reveal how user can gain more than just bragging rights for Trophies.

For example, if you hover over the activity card you’ll be able to see the estimate of remaining time, and when you hover over the Trophy card, you can see what in-game reward you’ll get for unlocking it. For Destruction AllStars, a Profile Banner and Profile Avatar are available for earning certain Trophies.

As noted by Tidux, it feels more like a bit like Ubisoft’s Uplay reward system, where you are able to get an actual reward for hoovering up Trophies other than the pop-up for whatever Trophy you happy not earn.

Sony will launch the PS5 in November in two variations: the Digital-Only Edition ($399/£359) and the standard disc-based model ($499/£449).

[Source – Tidux on Twitter]