PS5 UI Will Be Shown Soon, Boasting “100% Overhaul” And “Very Different New Concepts”


We’re in the same boat as you if the fleeting glimpse of PS5’s boot-up sequence shown at the reveal event left you wanting to see more of what the console looks like when it’s turned on and most importantly its UI, luckily it sounds like we won’t have to wait long to see it in action.

Speaking on LinkedIn, VP of UX Design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, confirmed that Sony is gearing up to show the OS ‘’soon” and that it’s a ‘’100% overhaul of PS4 UI” with ‘’some very different new concepts”.

Sony’s won plaudits for its easy-to-navigate XMB system that’s been in play in one form or another since the PSX era so it’s going to be interesting to see if PS5 ditches that framework altogether or opts to change its functionality whilst retaining its core concepts. If it isn’t broke and all that.

Thankfully an increase in navigation speed is likely on the menu, which will be music to the ears of all considering how PS4 just lags in menus from time to time.

What sort of features or changes would you like to see in the PS5’s UI? Let us know in the comments section below.