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PS5 Web Browser Supports USB Mouse, But You Have To Access It Via War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment‘s War Thunder allows you to access the PS5’s secret web browser with full USB mouse support included.

While this may seem a bit odd at first, War Thunder fully supports keyboard and mouse, and therefore if you access the web browser from the game, it will enable mouse support for you. All you have to do is click a link within War Thunder and the browser will launch.

As you may remember, the PS5 web browser is actually hidden, and cannot be accessed in the usual manner. However, by simply clicking on a URL from a message or other source, it’ll fire up and you can use it like you would have on PS4.

Check out the video below.

War Thunder was released for the PS4 in November 2013 during the console’s EU launch, and arrived in the US the following year. Since then, the game has received a huge amount of post-launch support, with new planes, vehicles, maps, modes and more content added, including full tank and ship battles.

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