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PSA: Returnal’s Trophies Are Really, Really Buggy Right Now


Now that we can talk about Returnal in more depth we have come across one issue pre-release that we thought is worth highlighting. Mainly, the fact that the game’s trophies are awfully glitchy and buggy at the moment.

Whilst playing, we had two trophies related to story sequences fail to pop at the correct time, making them unachievable unless we deleted our save data and got to that point in the story again. One of the survey trophies for finding everything in one of the game’s biomes also didn’t pop when we earned it, but it did eventually pop when we booted the game up again.

We also checked with other outlets and people playing the game and this was an issue in more than just one case. Another person had two trophies for killing bosses fail to unlock, although luckily you can repeat the bosses in the game.

So, if you are hunting for the Platinum Trophy here, which is easy but grindy by the way, you might want to wait until Housemarque patch these issues. Meanwhile, you can read our review to find out why Returnal is the first game to realise the PS5’s potential.

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Returnal releases for PS5 on April 30, 2021.