PSN and Xbox Live users get creepy messages from girls looking to chat

psn messages spam

Have you had a creepy PSN message from a girl looking to chat?

You know the score. You’re browsing the net – innocently – and all of a sudden there’s a pop up from a girl who lives 1.3 miles away who looks like a glamor model and wants to get in touch.

You know she doesn’t live in Milton Keynes, or whichever rough neck of the woods you’re from, but on your next trip to the shops you can’t help but keep an eye out. It’s a con, designed to get you clicking on something to make the person that produced it a bit a cash.

This type of message crops up all over the place – Skype, Facebook, Messagenger, and – incredibly now – the PlayStation Network.

According to Reddit readers, via GamesRadar, Xbox Live and PSN users are getting targeted by "college girls" looking to chat. It’s quite scary really, because this could be grown adults targeting young children.

Take a look at some of these messages (there’s more on Reddit):

girls on ps4

psn message from girl


If anyone approaches you on PSN and Xbox Live who you don’t know, and they’re just looking to just chat, we suggest you don’t even reply and report the account.