PSN download speeds in Europe crippled, Sony investigates

European PS4 owners took to the PlayStation forums to complain this week after suffering unusually slow download speeds on the PlayStation Network.

Many PS4 owners complained of slow speeds while downloading games from the PlayStation Store, including DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition, Batman Arkham and the 24GB The Elder Scrolls Online patch. Sony has responded to complaints by confirming that it is aware of the issue and is currently under investigation.

"We are aware of reports that some users are experiencing slower then usual download speeds from the PlayStation Store," reads a post on the support forums.

"This has been reported to our network team for investigation. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates."

The PlayStation Network hasn’t had a great time of it over the last week. The launch of PlanetSide 2 didn’t go as smoothly as planned as players complained about not being able to access the live servers, while DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition was pulled after Evolution Studios’ released the free edition of its driving game too early.

We’ll keep you updated on the fix.

Source: PlayStation Forums