PSN Error WC-40382-7: How To Fix Card Issues On PlayStation Store

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Looking for a fix for this PSN error? Want to know why you’re experiencing this issue on the PlayStation Network?

This particular error code has plagued users for a long time, and we still get emails asking if we know a simple solution to fix it.

Error WV-40392-7 refers to an issue on the PlayStation Store when you’re trying to purchase a game or any other item.

Are you seeing this message?

“The credit or debit card information stored on your PlayStation Network account is invalid?”

Ways to fix PlayStation Store errors

You’ll be promoted to do the following:

  • Go to your PSN Wallet and make sure your billing information is up to date.

Do this first, and:

1. Check that the address details you have correspond with the details on your card.

2. Make sure the number of debit or credit card is correct in billing information.

3. Triple check it. Even a minor error, such as not putting a letter in capitals will return an error.

If that doesn’t work, you have the following options:

1. Delete the card entirely and add it again, or add a new card.

2. Try purchasing the item through the PlayStation Store website, rather than through the console.

3. Buy PSN digital codes from Amazon and save yourself the hassle.

In fact, we always recommended purchasing products from the PlayStation Store on desktop or laptop, rather than through the console.

  • imProga

    **SOLUTION** so… my situation is that i made new account and started to buy stuff and it worked the first 5 hours and then WC-40382-7 happened. the first time u get WC-40382-7 just dont try to buy anything for 24 hours becouse its confirming your payment information and after that it should be fine. BUT if you try to buy many times after you get WC-40382-7 (like i did) your account gets locked form buying anything for 3-5 days for safety reasons. SO IF YOU GET WC-40382-7 DONT TRY TO BUY ANYTHING FOR 5 DAYS OR IT GET LOCKED AGAIN AND AGAIN !!!! I called PSN support and they said this and it worked.